Time and Money Seminar

Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 2:30pm

This event has passed.

Time and Money, these are two things at the top of every list of consideration when building a cocktail program. Streamlining efficiency while maintaining quality cocktails is something of an unrelenting challenge in today’s ever competitive market. In this seminar, Eric Rosentreter of Redemption Whiskey will discuss, demonstrate and explain batching theories at every level of expertise.

Batching, kegging and bottling cocktails, if done right, is an extremely exciting way to assure cocktail quality while also maintaining speed and efficiency. Be sure to stop by and learn the sciences, theories and methods of some of the more exciting preparation methods in the industry!

Ticket includes samples of Redemption Rye, High Rye and Bourbon as well as two cocktails (The Rye Tai and High Rye Punch).  

AC Hotel

1 N Webster St.
10th Floor

Madison, WI 53703

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